How to Bypass Right Click on Web Sites That Block It

[Bypass Right Click Easily With These Browser Plugins]

Sometimes you may be trying to copy an image or view the source of a web page but when the right-click is disabled, these things would seem impossible.

Today’s many sites still use JavaScript or an HTML attribute to disable right-clicking, protecting images, hiding or masking parts of a web page and so on to keep you from stealing their content.

Here are the couple of extensions that limit these sites’ ability to impose the restriction in the first place.

For Google Chrome, install the RightToCopy extension.

It also enables text selection and copying on sites that have disabled those functions, and even removes text that web sites inject into the text you copy (such as “Read More at…”).

In Mozilla Firefox, install the RightToClick extension.

It also offers more configuration options than its Chrome counterpart, allowing you to control exactly what page functionality it affects. This helps ensure that you don’t remove any functionality you actually want.

Quick Tip: On Firefox you can also use keyboard shortcut (Shift + F10) to trigger the Right Click.

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Posted on : 09 Apr 2016 @ 21:53

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