How to Control Your Mac with Your Voice

[Activate Dictation Tool To Use And Create Commands]

If you want to use Siri like Voice Commands to control your Mac, you can do so easily with the Dictation feature that’s already present in your Mac. To activate and use it, follow these simple steps.

  1. Open “System Preferences”.
  2. Enable both “Dictation” and “Use Enhanced Dictation”.
  3. Pick a shortcut trigger for the dictation tool.
  4. Perform the trigger to start dictation.
  5. A small microphone icon will pop up in the bottom right corner of your window.
  6. Say the command you want it to follow.
  7. To see the list of existing commands, say “Show Commands”.
  8. To hide the list, say “Hide Commands”.
  9. If unclear on how to use commands, say “How Do I” followed by the action you want to learn.
  10. You can create your own custom commands if you want, by going to “Accessibility>Dictation Panel>Dictation Commands”.
  11. Here you can disable any commands you like by unchecking it. You can remove it too by clicking the “-” sign.
  12. To create new command, click “+” to add a phrase trigger, choose the application and the action to be performed.
    Click “Done” to finish.

With these easy steps, you can create, modify and delete and commands you like. These voice commands will let you control almost everything about your Mac, so that you can enjoy a handsfree experience.

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