How To Download To Specific Folders By File Type In Chrome

[Organize Your Downloads Automatically]

Download folders in our system is one of the most messed up folder in the PC. Every file including videos, songs, images, torrents etc always ends in ONE folder – Downloads.

We spent many hours to organizing these downloaded files by copy-pasting them to their appropriate folder.

Don’t Worry, Now you can organize and manage the Downloads Folder using one simple Chrome extension – Download Router.

How to use the extension:

Right after you download and install it, you’ll be taken to the options page where you need to set the download routing rules for your downloads.

Now, there are 3 ways you can set these rules.

First is based on the File Type: The extension will download a specific file type (eg: mp3) to Music folder.

Second is based on Referrer: Here, referrer means the website (eg: So, anything downloaded from will be placed in your specified Facebook folder.

And last is based on File Name: The extension will check the file name and see if it matches a name in the rule that you set. If it does then it will be placed in the folder set by you.

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Posted on : 14 Apr 2016 @ 16:48

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