How To Move MS Word Auto Recovery Folder To The Cloud

[An Extra Layer Of Protection Of Your Documents]

The AutoRecovery (or auto-save) feature in Microsoft Office is great for recovering documents when the program crashes or you experience a system crash.

But If you prefer an extra layer of protection of your Documents, you should consider changing the MS Word auto recovery folder’s location to a cloud drive.

The added advantage of having MS Word save the auto recovery file to a cloud drive is that it’s backed up to more than one location i.e., it’s saved to a local drive and it’s also synced to cloud storage.

With some cloud storage services, you can even take advantage of the file restore feature to get recovered files once they’ve been removed by MS Word itself.

Here’s how to change the Auto Recovery folder’s location.

Open MS Word and go to File -> Options.

Go to the Save tab and look for the ‘AutoRecover file location’ field.

Click browse and select a folder that is located inside your Dropbox, OneDrive, or Google Drive folder.

You can change the auto recovery file location for just about any MS Office app.

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Posted on : 11 Apr 2016 @ 17:05

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