How To Share Files Between Mac OS X & Windows Through Boot Camp

[Software Solutions For Read/Write Support]

Boot Camp is a good way to have both Mac and Windows operating systems on your laptop. However since they don’t share write support for each other, you need to find other solutions if you want to share files between the two. Here are a few.

FAT32 Partitions:
FAT32 is a format which supports read/write from both windows and mac. If you have enough extra space, then you can use the Disk Utility tool to shrink one of the drives (windows or mac) in order to create a new one for shared files. It’s a simple solution, but may not be preferred by many since it splits the storage space up.

Cloud Storage:
There are plenty of online storage solutions like Dropbox, Google DriveMegaCloud etc. which offer free/paid storage space for you to keep your files in. Since these files are synced online, they can be accessed by both operating systems without any trouble. However, this solution is only for those people who have high speed internet connections, since larger files can take a lot of time to upload in slower internet connections.

Third Party Softwares:
If neither of those solutions are acceptable to you, then you an opt for certain third party softwares which make both the operating systems compatible with each other through special drivers. These are mostly paid, however they are the only solution that keeps your existing storage intact and doesn’t require the addition of external storage. Some of the leaders in this segment are Paragon HFS+ or Mediafour MacDrive.

Through these solutions, you will easily be able to share your files between both Mac and Windows.

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