How To Split the On-Screen Keyboard in Tablet Mode

[This Tip Will Make Typing Easier For You on Windows Tablet]

Microsoft has done a much better job in separating the touch and the traditional desktop environments in Windows 10.

It comes with a built-in split on-screen keyboard that you can switch to and type better which can be enabled in both the desktop and tablet mode.

If you have a hybrid device with touch capability like the Microsoft Surface, you can enter Tablet Mode with a simple press of a button in Action Center.

However, while using your device on the go, you might find that the on-screen keyboard can take some getting used to.

Depending on the situation you’re in, knowing how to split the keyboard is a helpful thing to know how to do.

Split Windows 10 On-Screen Keyboard in Tablet Mode

Pull up the on-screen keyboard, then tap the keyboard button at the lower right corner. Then tap the split keyboard button that’s located in the middle.

The keyboard will separate to each side of the screen. Both have a space bar, but the Enter and Backspace keys are only on the right section of it.

Split Keyboard Windows 8.1

It’s worth noting that you can do this with Windows 8.1, too. However, the layout is a bit different. To truly get two separate keypads, though, you need to enable the number pad. Also, it blocks a lot of viewing area on your screen. Microsoft has done things much better with Windows 10.

This layout makes it so that you can rest your hands in the middle and use the keys on either side to type more comfortably.

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