How To Sync Google Calendar With Windows 10 Calendar App

[Simple Steps To Add Multiple Accounts]

Whether one uses an analog diary or a digital smartphone, everyone knows how important maintaining a calendar can be in making sure that your tasks are fulfilled within the allotted time frame.

This is why Google, one of the most used service provider in the world, also maintains a very smart calendar app within their portfolio, for both general and business clients.

This calendar app provides you lots of options to customize your calendar, along with a chance to Share Calendars With Other People so you can sync up your schedules.

Unfortunately, this syncing feature wasn’t compatible with Windows Calendar app, making it difficult for Windows users to make sure their calender’s remains synced.

Thankfully, like a lot of other things, Microsoft has solved this problem in Windows 10. So, to finally sync your Google calendar with your Microsoft account, follow these steps:

  1. Open the “Start Menu”.
  2. Write “Calendar” in the Search Bar.
  3. Open the Calendar app.
  4. Navigate to “Settings>Manage Accounts>Add Account”.
  5. Choose Gmail from the list.
  6. You can also add other accounts that you may want to sync.
  7. Enter the login details for the accounts.
  8. Your existing calendar will now appear in the left hand side menu.
  9. You can browse through them, and add new events like you would regularly do.
  10. To access these events without opening the app, click on the “Date & Time” section in the Taskbar.
  11. Click on “Show Agenda” in the calendar popup that appears.
  12. You will see all your events in a neat line.

With these simple steps, you will be able to easily sync your Google Calendar with your Microsoft Calendar.

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