How To Unlock A Mac With An iPhone

[Use MacID App For Simple Login]

As anyone paying attention to this year’s WWDC would know, Apple has launched a new feature which would allow users with an Apple Watch to unlock their Mac’s remotely.

The feature would work wirelessly and you don’t even have to enter a password for it to work. While this is a great feature to have, unfortunately, it didn’t make it’s way to the iPhone.

While this isn’t a big problem, it still is a huge point of irritation for people who don’t want to buy an Apple Watch simply to have access to this feature.

Thankfully for them, there are some third party apps that have actually found a way to replicate this feature with the iPhone. MacID is one such app.

If you want to use it, follow these steps:

  1. Download, install and run MacID app for your Mac.
  2. Download, install and run MacID app for your iPhone.
  3. On your Mac app, you will get the option to select which phone you want to use for pairing.
  4. Once you select your phone, you will then be asked to enter your account password.
  5. Enter the password and finish the process.
  6. Your Mac and iPhone will now connect via Bluetooth LE.
  7. Lock your Mac like you regularly do.
  8. In the MacID app on your iPhone, select your Mac from the connected devices list.
  9. You will be asked to use TouchID/Password to unlock your Mac.
  10. Press your registered finger on the TouchID to unlock the device.
  11. Click on the MacID icon on the menu bar of the Mac.
  12. Select Auto Lock When Away From Mac.
  13. Now your mac will automatically lock itself when you aren’t near it.

With these steps, you will be able to get the remote locking/unlocking feature on your iPhone. Unfortunately, the iPhone app will cost you $3.99, so make sure you need the feature before going ahead and making the purchase.

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