How To Use A Stylus & Tablet With Windows Ink

[Configure A Stylus And Tablet For Windows Ink In Windows 10]

Windows Ink is a feature that got released for Windows 10 in the Anniversary Update. It came with three apps which work with a digital pen and are meant for touchscreen laptops. Even though you may not own a touchscreen laptop, you can still use these apps through a connected tablet and stylus, by following certain simple directions.

  1. Connect your tablet and pen to the laptop.
  2. Go to Settings>Devices>Connected Devices.
  3. Find your tablet and pen under “Other Devices”.
  4. When they are connected, install the latest drivers for these devices.
  5. Right click on the taskbar and select the “Show Windows Ink Workspace” button from the context menu.
  6. The button will appear in the system tray. Click it to open the Windows Ink Workspace panel.

Now that you are setup, you can use your devices with the built-in windows ink apps, which include post-it notes, a sketch pad, and a screen capture and annotation tool. You can also work with any other windows ink compatible apps.

While the third party apps may have their own functionality, the native apps are quite straightforward in their usability. You can use the stylus to draw on the tablet, which will then be reproduced on your computer. This will let you use different drawing tools to create post it notes and draw sketches in the Sketchpad app.

You can easily change the weight of the tool and the color of the ink. The Screen Sketch tool offers the same functionality, but with the option of capturing a screenshot of your current screen and letting you annotate it.

The uses for this tool is entirely on the imagination of the user. If you can’t think of anything productive thing to do, it’s still a great way of having fun.

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