You Can Still Get Windows 10 for Free

[Use Microsoft’s Accessibility Site Loophole]

Even if you were living under a rock for the past year, you still probably got to hear that Microsoft was pushing out it’s Windows 10 upgrade to the general public.

Not only that, they were also giving it away for free. Most people accepted this upgrade easily, while others got it forced down their throat by Microsoft itself.

No matter what route was taken, it seems that most of the Windows using crowd have accepted the reality that we now live in a Windows 10 era. Yet, there are still people who held on for dear life and never upgraded their systems.

While I admire the resolve of these people, one has to admit, eventually, they too will want to upgrade, since Microsoft is expected to do everything possible to kill off previous versions of the operating system.

If you too are one of these people, and are already feeling the regret of not upgrading while it was free, you can rest easy as there is still a chance for you to get that free ticket.

This chance comes in the form of a loophole in Microsoft’s Accessibility Site, which still lets users upgrade for free, as long as they use Assistive Technologies.

These technologies include features (like the narrator, on-screen keyboard, or high contrast desktop theme) that help disabled people easily access their computers.

If you too want to use this loophole, follow these simple steps:

  1. Visit Microsoft’s Assistive Technologies Upgrade Page.
  2. Click on “Upgrade Now”.
  3. The “Windows 10 Upgrade Assistant Program” will download on it’s own.
  4. Run the program and follow the wizard.
  5. Go through the installation process.

With these easy steps, you too will be able to upgrade to Windows 10, if you haven’t already done so.

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Posted on : 07 Aug 2016 @ 02:36

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