How To Configure Apple Watch For Running

[Configure Apple Watch To Run Without iPhone]

Apple Watch is a great device to have with you while running. Not only does it let you easily track your health and progress, but also gives you the option to listen to your favorite music while on the track.

The problem with the watch however is the fact that it needs to be paired to your phone. This however, isn’t a compulsion. If you don’t want to carry your phone with you while running, you can configure your watch for outdoor running mode.

To configure it, follow these simple steps:

  1. On your iPhone, create a special playlist for your Apple Watch.
  2. On your Apple Watch App, go to the Music section.
  3. Under the Music section, click on “Synced Playlist”.
  4. Select the special playlist you created for your watch.
  5. Go back to the Music section and click on “Playlist Limit”.
  6. Choose “Songs” instead of “Storage”.
  7. Go to “Settings” app in your Apple Watch.
  8. Under the “Devices” section, connect to your Bluetooth headphones.
  9. Go to “Workout” app in your Apple Watch.
  10. Select “Outdoor Run” to set your goals and start tracking.

With these easy steps, you will be able to configure your Apple Watch for running, without the need for an iPhone to pair with. Have fun.

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Posted on : 15 Jul 2016 @ 09:45

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