How To Secure & Restrict Access to Your Xbox One with a Passkey

[Protect your Account Information, Downloaded Games, and Game Saves]

Learn how to create a personal six-character passkey on your Xbox One console to protect your account information, downloaded games, video app profiles, and game saves.

Benefits of setting a passkey on your Xbox One console.

A passkey protects against a child signing in as the parent and overriding parental controls. This setting prevents a child from simply clicking on the parent’s picture, signing in as the parent, and changing the child’s otherwise parentally controlled settings.

A passkey helps to prevent unauthorized charges. You can choose to require a passkey as part of any purchase on Xbox Live. Setting a passkey helps prevent children from making unapproved purchases.

A passkey allows the parent to grant content exceptions. The only way for a parent to override a content limitation is by entering his or her personal passkey, so it’s easier to manage what content your children use on your Xbox One console.

Your passkey roams with you. The passkey that you set on your profile follows you to any Xbox One console you use. As long as you sign out when you leave, you can feel secure knowing your account is safely saved to your friend’s Xbox One console and ready for you the next time you come over to play.

A forgotten passkey defaults to your Microsoft account password. If you forget your passkey, the console will default to your Microsoft account password as a fail-safe.

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