Enhance your App Experience with Custom Scroll Gestures

[Add Your Own Custom Actions To The Overscroll Directions - left, Right, and Down]

A lot of Android apps comes with a very useful pull-to-refresh functionality, all you have to do to refresh the page you’re viewing is scroll to the top of the screen, then slide your finger down one more time.

This is one Overscroll Gesture, but what if you could add your own custom actions to the other overscroll directions—left, right, and down? Well, thanks to an awesome new Xposed module from developer Takagi Katsuyuki, now you can.

To put it simply, the module lets you pull to refresh in any direction once you scroll past the edge of the screen.

And to sweeten the deal, it even lets you launch apps and perform all sorts of custom actions, so it’s not just limited to refreshing the page.

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Posted on : 06 Apr 2016 @ 12:33

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