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iOS 10 is being hailed as a major upgrade to the already great iOS platform. However, the amount of updates is so high that not everyone has the time or energy to search for individual changes. This article will help you know and use those features without the trouble of browsing multiple sites. Have fun

1 You Can Remove Stock Apps
iOS 10 gives you the ability to remove stock apps from the screen, which was previously not possible. While the apps aren’t completely uninstalled, they are however not visible anymore.

2 There’s Easier Navigation to Siri Settings
To make Siri even more accessible to users, Apple is providing a dedicated Siri panel on the main settings page. This doesn’t change a lot when it comes to Siri Settings, however, they are easier to access now.

3 Mail, Contacts, & Calendar Settings Are Now Separate
Just like Siri, the settings for Mail, Contacts, and Calendar too get their own separate panels. This is a big improvement from before, as they are no longer grouped together on the Settings page.

4 You Can Adjust Flashlight Brightness
Flashlight is a very useful feature in any smartphone. To make it ever more versatile, Apple has now given you the chance to adjust your flashlight intensity from the Control Center. This works only with phones that have force touch, as to change the intensity, you have to force press on the Flashlight icon. This will let you select one of the three brightness options: low, medium, or high intensity.

5 There Are Quick Settings for the Timer
Just like the flashlight, the Timer icon also supports 3D Touch settings. By force-pressing on the icon, you can easily set your timer to 1 hour, 20 minutes, 5 minutes, or 1 minute.

6 Quick HomeKit Settings
Continuing this trend of extended Control Center settings, you also get the ability to to open up settings for the new Home app through the Control Center. Just swipe left twice in the Control Center to get to the Home settings. From there, you can use force press to access quick settings, as well as switch between settings.

7 There’s Multilingual Predictive Text
The iOS keyboard now gets multilingual predictive support. This means that you will now be able to switch between languages without having to change keyboards, while also being able to get predictive text for the language you’re typing in.

8 There Are New Controls for AirPlay
The Control Center now features dedicated buttons for AirPlay audio and video. The video button is now called “AirPlay Screen”, while you have to swipe left for audio, where it comes in the shape of a disclosure triangle below the volume bar.

9 You Can Open Unlimited Safari Tabs
To make multitasking truly seamless, iOS 10 now lets you open as many tabs as you want. This goes way past the previous limit of just 36 tabs.

10 You Can Use 2 Safari Browsers Side by Side (iPads Only)
Split View is coming to Safari in iOS 10, which will let you open a second browser next to your original one, as long as you’re working on the iPAD.

11 There’s Apple Pay Support in Safari
Apple Pay support is now being extended to the web in iOS 10. The feature will let you make purchases on any website that accepts Apple Pay. To make it secure, a notification will be sent to your iPhone asking you to identify yourself before completing the purchase. This identification will be done through the Touch ID.

12 The Calendar Automatically Adds Events
Adding events to your calendar is a boring task. So iOS 10 now lets you automate it through the new “Found Events” feature, which automatically searches through your messages and emails to find potential events. These events will be created automatically, complete with the date, time, location, and name of the event.

13 You Can Adjust Video Quality on WiFi
One of the big problems of browsing videos on your phone is the picture quality and the amount of data you sacrifice for it. Now, iOS 10 gives you the chance to select the level of quality for videos that you stream while on Wi-Fi and Cellular. You can pick between “Best Available” and “Good”. It’s a great way of saving valuable data.

14 There Are Warnings for Unsecured WiFi Networks
We have the habit of trying to connect to any Wi-Fi networks we can get our hands on, despite their security status. To prevent any potential damage that these unsecure networks can cause, your device will alert you when you’re about to connect to one. The warning will appear for both open networks, as well as connections with outdated encryption protocols.

15 The ‘Back to App’ Button Is Smaller
To make browsing a bit more streamlined, “Back to App” button has been made smaller in iOS 10. It’s more of an aesthetic change, but still highly appreciated.

16 There’s a New ‘Shared Notes’ Feature
Adding a sorely mission features to the Notes app, iOS 10 now let’s you add other people to your Notes. This lets multiple people read, edit, or add information in that note.

17 There’s a Conversation View in Mail (iPad Pro Only)
The Mail app has a new Conversation View that lets you scroll through the messages as if in a thread. It’s a three-column view, which similar to how it looks on a desktop.

18 There’s a new Compose Screen on the Right in Mail (iPad Pro Only)
You can now place the compose window to right, so that you’re still able to see your inbox on the left side of the screen, and the selected message in the middle. while you write an email on the right side.

19 You Can Sort Mail Faster
The Mail app gets a dedicated button for filtering mail based on criteria like unread, flagged, and whether an email is addressed to you or if you’re CC’d.

20 You Can Search Mail Based On Attachments
In addition to all the filters, you can also search for messages with specific attachments. There’s a toggle for “Only Mail with Attachments,” which will show you all the mails that have attachments inside them.

21 Mail Will Auto-Suggest Folders to Move Messages To
If you want to sort your mail, but aren’t sure where to put them, just tap on the folder icon, and the app will automatically suggest folders you can send that mail to. If you don’t like the suggestion, then you press the “Move Message” button to manually pick a destination.

22 Mail Can Unsubscribe You from Mailing Lists
Mailing lists are a nuisance for any inbox, and unsubscribing to them is a huge headache. Now, with iOS 10 you can just do it with a lick of a button. This button will be present on top of any mailing list mail, so you don’t have to search for it.

23 Music Can Automatically Delete Songs You Don’t Listen To
We all keep songs on our phones that take up precious space, but are forgotten after a few playbacks. Now, you can find and remove those songs by letting iOS 10 “optimize” your storage. All you have to do is go to Settings -> Music -> Optimize Storage and enable the feature. Just make sure that you know what you want before going down this road.

24 You Can Automatically Download Songs to Listen to Offline
Downloading songs on an iPhone has always been a hassle. Now there’s a new option in your Music settings menu that makes it easier by automatically downloading songs that you add to your Apple Music library so that you can listen to them offline. To enable it, just go to Settings -> Music and go to the “Downloads” section.

25 Adding Songs to ‘Up Next’ in Albums
Adding songs to your current playlist with the “Add to Up Next” feature in Apple Music is not a new option. However, in the current version, these songs would be put at the top of your playlist, rather than at the end. Now, with iOS 10, you can add a song to Up Next by choosing between “Play Next” or “Play Later”. The Play Later feature will move it to the end of the playlist, so your current selection isn’t disturbed.

26 You Can Use Music in Split View Mode (iPads Only)
Split View is one of the more useful features on the iPad. This feature now gets support for the Apple Music App, so now you can multitask while keeping your Music screen open.

27 You Can Send GIFs Directly in Messages
Gifs are the new craze in the texting community. So understandably apple had decided to extend support for Gifs to various apps. One of these newly supported apps is the Messages app, which now lets you send GIFs directly through the app. Not only that, these GIFs will also be viewable on non-iOS devices as well.

28 Previews for YouTube, Yelp, Webpages, & More in Messages
The big problems with links sent through Messages is the fact that you don’t really know what you’re getting. This drawback has been resolved in iOS 10, as now you can see previews of any and all links you receive even before opening them.

29 You Can Toggle Individual Read Receipt Settings for iMessages
Read Receipts are a huge problem for people who want to keep their privacy. Previously you only had the option to either enable or disable them. Now, iOS 10 lets you choose which receipts you want to be shown as read, thus giving you much needed flexibility.

30 You Can Draw Animated Messages
A great feature of the Apple Watch was the fact that you could draw special messages on it. Now, this feature comes to iOS as well, through Messages. All you need to do is tap on the Digital Touch button in a conversation to open the interface, and draw whatever you like.

31 You Can Mark Up Pictures & Videos
The Digital Touch interface also lets you draw on videos and photos now. All you need to do is press the triangle on the Digital Touch interface, and then on the little video icon in the bottom-left corner. This will let you select what media you want to draw on.

32 You Can Send Photos with ‘Invisible Ink’
If you want to send a special surprise message to your friends, you can use the new Invisible Ink feature, which lets you send a blurred out message that the recipient must swipe around on to reveal. The message will go back to being blurry once seen.

33 You Can Continue Conversations in Quick Reply
Quick Reply is a great addition to iOS as it lets you send messages directly through notifications. Now this feature has been enhanced in iOS 10 so that you can continue a conversation even after sending a quick message. This way you won’t have to wait for more notifications before replying.

34 Searching for Photos Is Much Easier
The search feature in Photos has been enhanced using a special system which lets you search for images based on context rather than just file names or dates.

35 You Can Create Montages of Your Photos & Videos
The “Memories” feature in the Photos app lets you create special montages of your photos and videos, so that you can enjoy your memories without having to swipe through dozens of photos.

36 You Can Now Edit Live Photos
Live Photos is a cool feature which brings your pictures to life by capturing the moments before and after you clicked the shutter. These images are now editable, thus giving you the option to adjust things like brightness and contrast in the photos. You can also apply different filters to your Live Photos, so that they have a wider range of look and feel.

37 New ‘Brilliance’ Slider for Photo Editing
Instead of having to adjust highlights, shadows, brightness and contrast separately, Photos now lets you do it in one go through a new editing tool called “Brilliance”.

38 You Can Now Automatically Get Transcribed Voicemails
Not everyone wants to listen to dozens of Voicemails just to know what messages they have received. Now, you can skip the listening part altogether, as you iPhone will be able to automatically create transcripts of your received voicemails.

39 You Can Now Block Spam Calls
Marking phone numbers as Spam is not enough when it comes to pesky telemarketers and scammers. Now you can straight out block them by activating specific filters in your Spam Lists.

40 “Press Home to Open” to Unlock Your iPhone
Swipe to unlock has been one of the most iconic features of iPhone’s. But now it is going away and being replaced by Touch ID. So, if you want to unlock your phone, all you’ll need to do is press the home button in order to use Touch ID or open up the passcode screen.

41 You Can Now Raise Your Device to Wake It
In the era of sensors, pressing a button to wake up your devices seems redundant. Now iOS lets you remove this limitation, as just picking up the handset and raising it vertically will turn on the screen and activate the lock screen in iOS 10.

42 You Can Enable And Disable Lock Screen Widgets
The lock screen is getting major widgets support in iOS 10. With this, you can access all sorts of data (Weather, Mail, Events, App Notifications) right from the lock screen. Fortunately, this feature can also be disabled as easily through the settings menu.

43 You Can Disable Lock Screen Camera Access
Previous versions of iOS had an option that let you access your camera without unlocking your phone. While being a great feature, it can also be a nuisance. Therefore, iOS 10 now lets you disable camera access from the lock screen easily.

44 Widgets Can Be Accessed in Apps
Widgets and their information is now accessible to you quite easily while using your apps. To see them in an app, all you need to do is swipe down to open the Notification Center, and then swipe left. By moving them away from the notifications menu they also become quite easier to manage.

45 Spotlight Will Save Your Search History
Searching is one of the most used features on any smartphone. While your online search history is often stored for future access, this doesn’t apply to your offline searches unfortunately. But now, in iOS 10, Spotlight gets the option to keep a record of terms that you have searched for, so that you don’t have to re-enter them over and over again.

46 You Can Clear All Notifications In One Go
Clearing Notifications is a basic feature used by millions on a daily basis. However, in previous versions of iOS you couldn’t do it in one click, thus making it a hassle. Now, iOS 10 has finally fixed this issue. So, now, all you need to do is swipe down to open your Notifications, then force press the “X” in the upper-right corner to access the “Clear All Notifications” button.

47 Maps Will Remember Where You Parked
Trying to remember where you parked in those massive parking lots is always a worry for people. But now, Apple Maps will automatically set a reminder when you park your car so that you can easily remember you parked. All you need to do is connect your iPhone to your car’s Bluetooth, or to CarPlay in order to activate the feature. Your car location will then be saved and easily accessible through the Maps app or widget.

48 You Can Now Set A Bedtime Alarm
While settings alarms is an easy enough task, however, it becomes redundant if you don’t get enough sleep before the alarm starts waking you up. So, now iOS 10 gives you a new feature to set a Bedtime alarm as well, which notifies you when it’s time to sleep, based on your waking alarms next day. This way, you can get enough sleep, while also keeping track of your sleep patterns.

49 You Can Create a Custom Face for Your Apple Watch
Creating custom faces for your Apple Watch is a fun thing to do. However, it is also a tedious job to get through on the small screen. So now iOS 10 lets you do the same thing, but on your smartphone instead, thus giving you the chance to easily create and save multiple faces on a bigger screen.

50 You Now Get a Dark Theme in the Clock App
Checking the time at different times of night is a normal habit for most people. However, looking at the bright light of your iPhone at night can have a bad effect on your sleeping habits, so Apple is adding a dark theme for the Clock app in iOS 10.

51 You Can Now Sort Your News
The News app on iOS 10 now lets you sort all incoming articles from news sites based on Name, Most Recent, or Most Visited. This way you get to visit your favorites first, while keeping the others at a lower point in the list.

52 There Are Tutorial Videos in the Health App
The Health app up until now has just been about keeping track of your health. But now it is getting a few new sections to help with maintaining your health. One of these is a video tutorial. These videos will give you important information about what you need to know while monitoring your health.

53 There’s an Export Button in the Health App
You can now export your health data collected by your phone with the help of a new Export Data button. The button is located at the bottom of the Health Data screen and lets you send all your information to third party apps.

Now that you know all the features coming your way, you can easily prepare yourself for all the great changes.

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