How To Avoid Harmful Apps On Android

[Simple Tips For Smartphone Security]

Android is one of the biggest operating system in the world today. It’s market covers thousands of smartphones and tablets, with millions of users in every country.

With such a large population using this software on a daily basis, it becomes inevitable that anti social elements would try to take advantage of said people through fake/malicious apps that are designed to steal your data.

While there are certainly tools that can help you Secure Your Accounts from such attacks, they still can be bypassed if the hackers have already gotten access to your device.

So, in order to make sure your device doesn’t fall prey to these forms of exploits, make sure you follow these precautions during your day to day smartphone use:

Always Choose Well Known Developers
Since android is such a big platform with so many apps and developers, it becomes inevitable that you will find yourself staring at dozens of apps that serve the same purpose. This is where it is important to know how to recognize the good ones from the bad ones. One of the easiest ways to do so if by checking the developer information.

This information can be found in the information section of the app, and often contains the website associated with the developer. You can check that out in order to see whether everything seems right. You can also search reviews about the developer online, just in case there are some hidden horror stories you don’t know about.

App Reviews Can Be Helpful
Since most people have a habit of sharing their good and bad experiences with people, this becomes one of the easiest way of finding out whether the app you are about to download is of any use. You won’t have to worry about fake reviews either, as when it comes to crowd sourcing, any errors are easily corrected by the people themselves.

In addition, you can also find out how proactive the developers are about addressing the feedback provided by the users. If they pay close attention to all the issues put forward, it is a sign that they are working hard towards making sure their app retains the best version of itself.

Pay Attention To App Permissions
App Permissions give you an insight about all the parts of your smartphone a particular app can access. It is also a very important tool in finding out whether the app you want to install is behaving like it should.

For example, if a camera app starts asking for boot access, or a calculator apps starts asking for network permission, it is clearly a sign of trouble, as these apps don’t require this sort of access in order to perform their functions. So pay close attention to them.

Avoid Third Party App Stores
Google Play Store is one of the most extensive app stores in the world today. In addition to the sheer number of apps, another reason for it’s popularity is the fact that it has inbuilt systems designed specifically for weeding out harmful apps.

Unfortunately, the apps that get rejected by the Play Store can still end up on third party app stores, which are known to have lax security measures for app control. This lack of security can be your downfall, as there is no way of making sure that the app you get from these sources won’t harm your system in any way. So it suggested that you stay away from these systems altogether.

While these steps don’t exactly guarantee that your smartphone won’t ever be attacked, but as long as you follow these simple tips, you will be able to keep your smartphone a lot more secure than before.

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