How To Customize Power Button Menu In Android

[Use NeoPowerMenu App To Add More Options]

In any android phone, when you long press the power button, you can access to a special menu that gives you the option to switch off the device, restart it and/or do a lot more things.

However, owing to the diversity in android forms on various smartphones, a lot of people don’t have access to such feature. For them the power button is only used for switching off the device.

Thankfully, as long as your device is rooted, you can get a chance to customize this menu to add all sorts of options that you like. This is made possible by an app called NeoPowerMenu.

To use this app, follow these simple steps:

  1. Make sure your device is “Rooted”.
  2. Make sure your device contains the “Xposed Framework”.
  3. Open the “Xposed Installer” app on your smartphone.
  4. Click on the “Download” button to go into the download section.
  5. Click on the “Magnifying Glass” icon located on the top right.
  6. Type “NeoPowerMenu” to search for the app.
  7. Tap on the app to enter it’s “Description” Page.
  8. Swipe to access the “Versions” page.
  9. Download the latest version of the app.
  10. Press “Install” on the popup that appears.
  11. Once you install the app, you will receive a notification asking you to “Activate And Reboot”.
  12. Press on it to reboot your phone.
  13. Once done, the app will automatically change the power menu on your phone.
  14. Click on the “NeoPowerMenu” app.
  15. Allow all the permissions it asks for.
  16. From here, you can change the color, size and design of the menu.

With these simple steps, you will be able to customize the Power button menu on your android smartphone. Have fun.

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