How To Find iPhone Using An Apple Watch

[Ping The Phone With One Press]

Anyone who’s ever owned a phone knows the embarrassment and panic you feel when you misplace it. You then have resort to asking your friends to call your phone, which is another cause of shame.

However, if you have an Apple Watch, you can just use it’s Ping Feature to locate your phone without having to worry about calling your phone or installing third party apps.

To access this feature, follow these steps:

  1. Activate your Apple Watch screen.
  2. Make sure that your watch is still connected to your phone.
  3. Browse to the “Clock” face.
  4. Swipe up from the bottom to access the “Glances”.
  5. Swipe left/right until you see the “Settings” glance.
  6. Tap the “Pinging Phone” button on the left bottom corner.
  7. This will cause your phone to emit a pinging sound even if it’s in silent mode.
  8. Follow the sound to find your phone.

With these easy steps, you will be able to find your iPhone, without worrying about asking others for help. Stay safe.

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Posted on : 23 Jul 2016 @ 14:15

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