How To Make Calls Without Cell Service

[Use Wifi Enabled Calling Features For Emergency Uses]

Calling is one of the oldest and most basic feature of your smartphone. It is also one of the most used feature as well. However, this feature can easily be derailed if you are in an area that doesn’t have proper cell service.

Another situation that can possibly cause this feature to malfunction is the lack of available balance to make phone calls. Under all these circumstances, it becomes quite hard to get in contact other people.

This problem can however be easily solved if you have access to a stable internet connection, since most smartphones these days support one or another type of internet based calling service.

You can access this feature either through your smartphones basic wi-fi calling service or through dedicated third party apps that provide you with this service. Here are a few of them.

Wi-Fi Calling
Both android and ios smartphones have the feature of Wi-Fi calling. This features lets you utilize your phone’s internet connection to dial numbers and talk to people. The effect of this on your data is not that extensive so you can use this feature without worries. However, the main thing to note is that the availability of this feature depends on whether your service provider supports this feature or not. So, make sure if they do before you give it a try.

Skype is a third party app that lets you connect with your friends through the internet. However, the main limitation of this app is that it requires both the parties to have the app installed in order to use it for free. You can still make calls to regular phone numbers, however that costs extra. Plus the data consumption of this app is quite significant too. Nevertheless, it is still a very reliable app to use in case of emergencies.

Whatsapp is one of the most famous chatting app used by millions of people everyday. It is owned by Facebook and is available on both android and ios. In addition to it’s chatting interface, the app also gives you the option of calling your whatsapp contacts through the internet, however just like other such apps, it also requires both parties to have the app installed. The one saving grace through is the fact that the data charges for said calling are still significantly lower than it’s competitors, which makes it a cheap option to have for both chatting and calling.

There are many other apps that would provide you with the service under discussion, however we believe that these above mentioned options are still your best chance at connectivity, if and when you find yourself without reliable cell service. Be safe.

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