How To Prevent Battery Loss From iPhone Notifications

[Use Facedown Feature For Energy Conservation]

iPhone has a built in feature, that lets you save the precious battery life that incoming notifications often suck out of your smartphone.

While the loss of battery due to incoming notifications may not seem like a big deal, but when you add up all the notifications you get in a day, the toll adds up.

The actual reason behind this loss is the fact that whenever you receive a notification, your iPhone screen lights up as an indicator of the incoming information.

Some people believe that you can prevent this loss if you Hide Notification Data, but this is a myth that you should dispel as soon as possible.

In order to actually prevent this battery loss, you can rely on a much ignored feature that was added to the iPhone through the iOS 9 update.

This feature is called Facedown Detection, and it works just the way it sounds. Once you put your iPhone face down on any surface this feature gets activated.

It then prevents the smartphone screen from lighting up, even though you still receive both the audio and vibration input regarding the notification.

While this feature is generally activated by default, if by any chance you have yet to activate it, then you can do so by follow these simple steps:

  1. Open “Settings”.
  2. Scroll down to “Privacy”.
  3. Open Privacy & Scroll down to “Motion & Fitness”.
  4. Open Motion & Fitness.
  5. Make sure “Fitness Tracking” is enabled.
  6. The iPhone will automatically activate “Facedown Detection” along with this feature.

Through this simple tip, you will be able to easily save a lot of battery life that would’ve otherwise be wasted on incoming notifications.

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