How To Remap Home Button In iPhone

[Use Accessibility Shortcut To Activate Multiple Features]

Apple offers it’s users a lot of nifty little features that make using an iPhone such as hassle free experience. A lot of these features can be found in the Accessibility menu, located in the iPhone settings.

However, navigating to the menu again and again can be a hassle. To make this process easier, iPhone offers you the chance to remap your Home button, so that you can access these features from anywhere.

To activate and use this remapping feature, follow these simple steps:

  1. Open the “Settings” app and navigate to “General”.
  2. Enter “General” settings and navigate to “Accessibility”.
  3. Enter “Accessibility” settings and navigate to “Accessibility Shortcut”.
  4. Click on “Accessibility Shortcut” to enable it.
  5. Select the different options you want.
  6. Close the menu and go back to “Home Page”.
  7. Press the “Home” button three time.
  8. A popup with all the accessibility options will come up.
  9. Select the option you want to activate.

With these easy steps, you will be able to remap your home button and activate multiple features with ease.

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Posted on : 02 Jul 2016 @ 09:34

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