How To Share Android Apps With People Near You

[Use App Links For Instant Sharing]

Apps are one of the most integral parts of the smartphone universe. Whether you use Apple or Android, apps are what let you do anything and everything in terms of work or fun.

This is why everyone likes to make sure that they have the latest apps that will provide them with the best quality service that they can get.

A big part of maintaining this status is cross referencing your app lists with those of your friends so that you can remove or add apps based on group consensus.

Until now, this function was usually carried out by manually going through each app list to find the unique ones, but now it can be automated easily through an app called App Links.

This free app lets you share your app list with your friends, while letting you see theirs. You can easily choose the apps that you don’t have currently and install them right away.

To use this app, follow these simple steps:

  1. Download, install and run App Links.
  2. Wait for the apps list to load.
  3. Select the apps you want to share with your friends.
  4. Ask your friends to repeat the process.
  5. Once all apps are selected, press the “Nearby” icon on the top right corner.
  6. A new window will open, with all the shared apps.
  7. Click on any app to install it.
  8. You will automatically be redirected to the app’s Play Store page.
  9. Download the app and go back to repeat the process with the rest of the apps.

With these easy steps, you will be able to share all the apps you want with your nearby friends, while also getting to install their favorite apps. Have fun.

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