How To Turn An iPhone Into A Pokemon Radar

[Use App To Find Locations For Pokemon Go]

Pokemon Go is the latest app to go trending all around the world. Knowing the rich history of the Pokemon universe and the prospective of actually catching them, it isn’t any surprise either.

Still, no matter how thrilling it may be to catch your favorite Pokemon, actually finding them is equally frustrating. Thankfully, this problem is being solved through an app called Poke Radar For Pokemon Go.

Poke Radar For Pokemon Go is a crowdsourcing app which uses input from thousands of players to create a Pokemon map overlay for Apple Maps. To use this app, follow these steps:

  1. Download, install and run Poke Radar For Pokemon Go.
  2. Allow the app access to your location.
  3. The app will show you an Apple Map with the location of all the Pokemon nearby.
  4. Click on the “Filter” button located in the top right corner.
  5. Scroll through the list of Pokemon to select the one you want to search for.
  6. The app will filter the map to only show the Pokemon you selected.
  7. Click on the Pokemon closest to you.
  8. A small popup will show over it with it’s name.
  9. Click the “i” symbol next to it.
  10. Click on “Get Directions” to get navigation information for the Pokemon’s location.
  11. Once you reach the place, catch the Pokemon.
  12. Open the app and click on the Pokemon’s “i” button again.
  13. If you successfully found the Pokemon, press the “Vote Up” button on the bottom right corner.
  14. If you didn’t, press the “Vote Down” button on the bottom left corner.
  15. If you find a new Pokemon that you want to enter on the app menu, go back to the map and click on the button located in the bottom right corner.
  16. Enter your name, and then select the Pokemon name you found from the list.
  17. Press “Submit” on the top right corner.

With these steps, you will be able to easily find and share locations for Pokemon. Have fun.

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