How To Access Saved Passwords In Chrome

[Browse And Sync All Your Passwords From Anywhere]

Chrome let’s you save all the passwords for any website you visit. These passwords are then synced with your google account and can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

These include not only the passwords from your computer, but also from your mobile devices.

While this service may not have the most advanced security and encryption features available online, but it still is a great way to keep track of your accounts.

If you want to access and use this feature, firstly you have to enable password syncing when you log in to your google account on chrome.

You have to repeat this action on all your devices so all your accounts are truly synced.

Once you do that, you can just go and login onto the Password Manager on chrome and you will be able to see all your accounts and their respective passwords.

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Posted on : 25 May 2016 @ 03:32

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