How To Auto Update 3rd Party Software In Windows 10

[Apps That Scan And Find Updates For You Automatically]

Unlike system softwares, most third party softwares do not have the option to auto update themselves, and neither do they give regular notifications for updates. However, the apps featured in this article will let you automatically scan all the softwares on your system so that you can update them easily.

Patch My PC:
This is a portable app, which you can use to scan and update software on your Windows computer. It doesn’t need installation of any kind, so all you have to do is run the app, and it will automatically scan the softwares installed on your computer against its database.

Once done, it will highlight the program which are already up to date and those which need updates in green and red highlights respectively. The programs that you don’t have on your computer, but are in it’s database are highlighted in black.

Now you can go through the list and put a check against the softwares you want to update. After that, just click on the “Perform Updates” button. The program will then automate the whole process, downloading the update installer and updating the programs in the background without any input from your part.

If you don’t want to immediately do the updates, you can schedule these updates quite easily. The only thing that might make you reluctant to use this software is the fact that the list of apps that it can update is very limited.

FileHippo App Manager:
This is another app that can scan for software updates. However, it is not portable and needs to be installed on your computer. After you launch the app, the process is quite similar.

The major difference, which can also be counted as a negative, is that, this app does not support multiple updates and silent installation. You will have to download and run the updated installer manually for every single software that you want to update.

The good news is that the software uses the FileHippo website to find and download the updates. Therefore, you will be able to get stable updates for a wider range of softwares, as compared to Patch My PC.

Between these two apps, you will be able to easily find and update all the softwares on your computer.

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