How To Avoid Scams On Whatsapp

[Easily Recognize And Avoid Common Whatsapp Scams]

Whatsapp is a popular chatting application used by millions of people to talk to each other from all over the globe. It’s simple interface and smart features have helped it gain rapid popularity among users.

However, with this popularity, some antisocial elements have also found it’s way to the app, in the form of scams and hoaxes that aim to fill your smartphone with viruses.

Some of the common scams and hoaxes that you might encounter are listed below.

WhatsApp Premium and WhatsApp Gold
Whatsapp Premium/Gold is a fake upgrade option that promises a host of exclusive features to the users. However, it is nothing but a scam. If you receive an invitation to upgrade, then do not click on the link provided. If you do, the link will infect your device with a virus which will most probably steal your data and crash your phone. So, if and when you receive such messages, ignore them completely.

Hoax Emails About Missed Calls
Whatsapp doesn’t send email notifications for missed calls or voice messages. But people still receive emails informing you of such things. The mail asks you to click on a link to access information about the missed call or a missed voice message. If you click on the link, the virus will infect your smartphone and steal your data. So don’t acknowledge such messages.

Sending Chain Messages
An old but persistent virus is one which asks you to forward a message to 10 or more people from your contact list. It is implied that if you don’t do so, then your WhatsApp service will close down. This is nothing but a hoax email that you should completely ignore as well.

Inactive Users Will Be Charged
This is a rather simple hoax, which states that if you are an inactive user, WhatsApp will charge you for each message. To prove you are an active user, you are asked to send WhatsApp messages to 10 contacts from your WhatsApp. This is a scam to get the contact information from you and your contacts list. So don’t respond to it.

These are some of the most common scams that you would encounter in relation to Whatsapp. Now that you know about them, please be careful.

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