How To Create A Strong Password

[General Tips For Better Security]

Here are some general tips that will help you not only create a strong password for all your accounts, but also help you remember them more easily.

The reason why it is important to follow these tips is that despite the highest levels of encryption available for cyber accounts these days, passwords still are the first line of defense against hackers.

If you password isn’t strong enough, the hackers can easily get past it, whether with the help of some nifty tools, or just by taking a guess.

While there are always other ways of securing your account, like Facial Recognition or Two Factor Authentication, often times those features aren’t available for a lot of services, thus making it important to take the following precautions.

Password Should Have Atleast 12 Characters
The length of your password can often make the difference between how long it will take for any potential hackers to get into your account. This is because of the fact that the more characters there are in the password, the more variations are needed to be run in order to crack it. If you manage to get it long enough, the hacker might eventually give up considering the extra time he/she will have to devote on the task. So, for this reason, it is always recommended that your passwords should be atleast 12 characters or more.

Password Should Include Numbers, Symbols, Capital Letters & Lower-Case Letters
It is advised that you use a mixture of different types of characters to make the password harder to crack. These characters could range from a variety of symbols, numbers and cases, scattered randomly through the password. You can even use multiple characters of the same type if it makes it easier for you to remember, just as long as you don’t fall into some known pattern. The importance of following this tip is self evident in the fact that most online services like Gmail and others often force their customers to add such unique characters into their passwords.

Don’t Use Dictionary Words & Their Combinations
When creating passwords, it is often our habit as human beings to rely on the existing vocabulary of words that we already know. This can become a liability, as such words can end up limiting the security quotient of your password, since they are fairly easy to predict. This is why it is advised to stay away from obvious dictionary words and combinations of said dictionary words. This holds true even for non English words, as the constantly evolving translation tools are making them predictable as well.

Doesn’t Use Obvious Substitutions
When faced with the above mentioned limitation of not using dictionary words, most people tend to take the lazy route and opt for simply substituting random characters in the word with numbers or symbols. While this seems like an easy way of taking care of the hurdle, it actually doesn’t do a whole lot since the rest of the word is still present. The hackers can use the existing flow of the word to fill the gaps, making it easier to guess the remaining characters. For this reason, it is recommended that you don’t use common substitutions, whether before, between or after the word.

Use Password Generators
This is the last resort for those people who are either too lazy to come up with unique passwords, or simply can’t be bothered with remembering them. Password Generators are often coupled with password managers, that can be used to save all your passwords and keep them safe. Still, you can also find some stand along password generators that will do the job too. No matter how you gain access to the tool, the functioning however, remains the same. Once you run the password generator, it will come up with a unique and strong password on it’s own. For obvious reasons this password will be too hard to simply memorize, so all you can do is either write it down somewhere, or just save it within the password manager. In either case, it takes the difficulty out of the equation, by letting you get highly strong passwords with ease.

By following these simple tips, you will be able to create a strong password that will definitely help keep all your accounts safe.

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