How To Create Smart Playlists In Google Music

[Use Chrome Extension To Create iTunes Like Playlists]

iTunes is the universal music app for anyone who uses any Apple product. It lets you place all your songs in one place in an organized manner, so that you can easily sort them and create custom playlists.

This ability to create smart playlists is not available on Google music though. If you want to add this feature to your Google Music, all you need to do is follow these steps:

  1. Download and install Autoplaylists Chrome Extension.
  2. Go to Google Music.
  3. Click the Autoplaylists extension button next to the URL bar.
  4. You will now see the options page for the app.
  5. Set the rules for curating you smart playlist.
  6. Click “Save” when you’re done.

With these easy steps you will be able to create your own smart playlist. If you want to create multiple playlists, you will need to buy the paid version of the extension which costs $1.99 per month.

By using this extension, you will be able to sort your songs based on a particular artist, from an album, last played, genre, id, duration, and much more. It is a must have tool for any audiophile who uses an android device.

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