How to Get WhatsApp’s Latest Features Before Anyone Else

[Getting Cool New Features Before Everyone Else]

WhatsApp has just unveiled an official Beta Channel in the Google Play Store, makes it simple for fans of the popular app to get the latest pre-release versions long before they are released to the world.

WhatsApp has always had an active beta program, but Android smartphone owners had to download the latest APK from the app’s own website.

The new Beta Channel in the Google Play Store makes it much easier for fans.

If you fancy giving it a try simply follow this link and hit the big blue Become a Tester button.

After that, each time you download a new version of WhatsApp from the Google Play Store you’ll be on the latest beta program.

Also a developer Javier Santos created an app that will automatically download any new WhatsApp beta releases and let you install them at the press of a button.

Install Beta Updater for WhatsApp

To get this one going, you’ll need to have Unknown Sources enabled so that you can sideload apps becasue it is not available on the Google Play Store—though it is available on Github.

It doesn’t matter what version of WhatsApp you’re currently running—in fact, this will still work if you don’t even have WhatsApp installed yet.

So from your Android device, simply download the Beta Updater for WhatsApp .apk app  and Install it.

Configure Beta Updater for WhatsApp

After open the app, tap the gear icon in the top-right corner for the settings, here you may want to adjust some options, because by default, the app will simply notify you when there’s a new beta version of WhatsApp.

So if you’d like to make the process almost entirely automatic, tick the box next to the “Auto-download updates” option, then leave all of the other entries selected as they are.

This way, the app will automatically download the new version, then notify you when it’s ready to install.

Update to the Latest WhatsApp Beta

In the future (provided you’re using the above settings), you’ll get a notification as soon as a new beta version of WhatsApp is available.

From here, simply tap this notification, then press “Install” on the following screen.

Within a few seconds, you’ll be updated to the latest WhatsApp version, and because these are the official WhatsApp releases, they install on top of your existing version of WhatsApp without overwriting any data.

Revert back to the Stable WhatsApp Version

Should you ever wish to go back to the stable version of WhatsApp, you have two options.

Either uninstall the version you have, then install the app from the Play Store, or simply uninstall Beta Updater for WhatsApp, then wait for a new stable release and update from the Play Store.

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