How To Hide Pictures And Videos In Android

[Use KeepSave Vault App To Lock Sensitive Data]

Keeping your pictures and videos safe is a very important thing for millions of people all across the world.

KeepSafe Vault is an application that gives you the chance to do that easily and free of charge.

The app is available for both Android and iOS, but we’re only covering android in this article.

If you are an android user and want to use this app, all you have to do is follow these steps:

  1. Download, install and run the app.
  2. Sign up using your email ID.
  3. Create an unlock PIN to access the folders in the app.
  4. Move the pictures you want to secure in the already created folders, which include “Main Album,” “Documents,” “Health and Fitness,” and “Cards and IDs.”

With these easy steps, you will be able to secure all your media in the app for safekeeping.

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Posted on : 02 Jun 2016 @ 23:46

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