How To Modify Doze Mode In Rooted Android Phone

[Use Naptime App To Fine Tune Smartphone Dozing]

Android Marshmallow comes with a Doze Mode that lets you save battery while your smartphone is not in use. This feature is great for prolonging battery life, however, it can be a bit counterproductive as it snaps out of Doze when the phone detects motion.

If you have a rooted device, you can fine tune the Doze Mode to work better through the Naptime app. If you want to use this app, follow these steps:

  1. Download, install and run the Naptime app.
  2. Grant root access to the app.
  3. Enable “Allow Modify System Settings”.
  4. In the app, enable “Aggressive Doze”.
  5. Also enable “Disable Motion Detection”.
  6. Tap “Sensors App Whitelist” to select specific apps that you don’t want to Doze.
  7. In the “Sensors” section, you can modify the time the app spends on different aspects of Dozing.

With these easy steps you will be able to fine tune exactly how your smartphone behaves in the Doze Mode.

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Posted on : 12 Jul 2016 @ 09:26

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