How To Password Protect And Hide Hard Drives On Windows

[Use Hidden Disk Software To Secure Hard Disk Data]

Keeping valuable data secure is the biggest worry for anyone using any type of electronics today. This is why there are dozens of security solutions on the market that help you keep your systems locked away from intruders.

While most security solution offer you different ways of securing your system from being opened, there aren’t a lot of solutions for securing the same data once the system is actually open.

This becomes a problem for people have to work on open terminals, but would still like to make sure that certain files are not shown to other people using the system. Hidden Disk is a software which addresses this specific problem in a very specific way.

This security software allows you to save your data in a special partition which you can then secure with a password, as well as make it entirely invisible.

To use this special feature, all you need to do is follow these simple steps:

  1. Download, install and run Hidden Disk software.
  2. Select the letter you want to use for your partition.
  3. Click on “Create Disk” to create a new secure partition.
  4. Add files to this new partition.
  5. Go back to the software and click on “Create Password”.
  6. Add a new password as well as an email for backup.
  7. Click on “Disable Disk” to hide the partition and close the software.
  8. All the files that you saved in the disk are now safe and invisible.
  9. To access the files again, open the software and enter the password.
  10. Click on “Create Disk” again to make the hard disk visible.

With these easy steps, you will be able to store and secure all your files on your system right in plain sight. The option to secure the software with a password is an optional feature which you can choose to ignore if you like. In terms of security tools, it may appear a little slower than the competition, but when it comes to real security, time isn’t everything.

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