How to Quickly Navigate Multi-Page Articles

[Use PageZipper Extension To Navigate And Merge Multiple Page Articles]

Multi-page articles and slideshows are often irritating to go through. Some offer a “View All” option but most do not. Now a Firefox/Chrome extension lets you bypass the irritation by helping you scroll through different pages with just one click. It also gives you the option to merge the pages for continuous scrolling.

This extension is called PageZipper, and with these simple steps, you too can use it to make your scrolling easier.

  1. Download and install the Firefox/Chrome Extension.
  2. Visit any site/article that has multiple pages.
  3. Wait for the full page to load.
  4. Click the “PageZipper” icon on your add-on bar, located next to your address bar.
  5. Wait till PageZipper loads all the pages.
  6. Click on the next/previous arrow button to easily scroll through different pages.
  7. You can also keep scrolling downwards, and PageZipper will merge the next page with the end of the current page.

By using this simple extension, you can save precious time and peace of mind while scrolling. Although it may not work on certain websites, but that is not a deal breaker for this great must have extension.

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Posted on : 29 May 2016 @ 14:45

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