How To Set An Auto Expiration Date For Google Drive Links

[Use Web Tool To Choose Time Limit On Links]

The great thing about having a cloud account is that you can access any file you want from anywhere in the world. Another great benefit is that you can also share files with anyone you want.

These files are usually shared through links, which can be used to download the relevant files from anywhere in the world. Unfortunately, once shared, there isn’t really an option to un-share the file.

While this option was initially put in place to make sharing files easy, it also undermines the security of the file as anyone can get access to the link and use it to access the file.

Thankfully, there is a web tool that lets you create special sharing links for your Google Drive files, which have an inbuilt expiration date.

This way, once the set time expires, the link too becomes useless. To use this tool, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the Set Expiration Date Website.
  2. Click on “Review Permissions” to allow the tool access to Google Drive.
  3. Click the “Open Drive” button to select the file you want to share.
  4. Enter the email addresses for the people you want to share the file with.
  5. You can also select what kind of access each person has.
  6. Set expiration time limit from the drop down menu’s.
  7. Click the “Set Expiration” button.
  8. The links for the files will automatically be sent to the email addresses you entered.
  9. After your set time expires, the link will become useless.

With these simple steps, you will be able to easily create time specific links for any and all files on Google Drive.

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