How To Sideload Android APK Apps On Chromebooks

[Install Apps That Aren't Present On Google Play Store]

Chromebooks have support for installing android apps. What this means is that you can easily go to the Android App Store and install any number of apps on your device.

However, there are certain apps that aren’t present on the Play Store. You can still install these apps on your Chromebook, just by following these simple steps:

  1. Hold “ESC” and “Refresh” keys, and press the “Power” button to enter Recovery Mode.
  2. Press “Ctrl + D” on the Recovery Screen.
  3. On the “To turn OS Verification OFF, press ENTER” screen, press “Enter” to enter Developer Mode.
  4. Boot your Chromebook and press “Ctrl + D” to start your Chromebook in Developer Mode.
  5. Open “Settings” and under the “Android Apps” section, click on “App Settings”.
  6. In App Settings, click on “Security” and enable “Unknown Sources”.
  7. Close Settings and go to the website that contains your App APK.
  8. Download the APK on your device.
  9. Download a file management app that can run the APK.
  10. In the file management app, double click on the APK file.
  11. Select “Package Installer” and install the app.
  12. The apps will run just like other android apps.

With these easy steps, you will be able to install and run all sorts of apps on your Chromebook.

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Posted on : 08 Jul 2016 @ 09:45

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