How To Use Your iPhone As An Android TV Remote

[Android TV App Gives The iPhone TV Remote Functionality]

Streaming content on your TV has started to become extremely popular, thank to standalone streaming devices like Android TV as well as Smart TV’s with inbuilt Android TV functionality. To make the use of these systems easier, android now lets you use apps to control these devices.

These apps lets you control the entire interface of Android TV, as well as the different services and apps that come with it. While such apps already exist on android itself, Google wanted to make sure that people who owned iPhones didn’t feel left out.

So, now Google has officially released Android TV to the iOS App Store, which lets you control your Android TV with the directional pad or by gestures with the touchpad.

The app also has a voice search feature, which can be used to browse the interface, just like Siri, making it appear similar to Apple TV. Another similarity to Apple TV is that it lets you can connect multiple iPhones as controllers to play multiplayer games as well.

You will need to have iOS 8 and higher if you want to enjoy the app. If you do, then by all means, go ahead and Download it, so that you can enjoy your Android TV with ease.

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Posted on : 27 May 2016 @ 23:50

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